Hi! I'm Erica

I'm an experienced Digital Content Creator located in Seattle, WA, working remotely for various projects.

With over 15 years of expertise, I specialize in developing metaverse communities, designing engaging virtual experiences, and marketing advanced Blockchain Web3 technologies like NFTs and tokens.

Additionally, I have a proven track record of building strong relationships for free-to-play games, experimenting with AI, and producing whimsical 3D assets.

Let's connect and see what kind of magic✨ we can create together.

AI Assisted Art

I’ve been experimenting in Midjourney using different search phrases (prompts) to imagine fan art for shows like "Yellowjackets" (2023). 🐝

After refining wording further, and finding an starting image base that I like, I use Photoshop to enhance and customize it until I achieve the desired effect. This iterative process allows me to continually refine my art until it meets my vision.

These creations can be found and purchased on my Red Bubble online store, Bobafeets!

interactive metaverse experiences

As one of the four founders of The Arcade, I am proud to have created Second Life's most beloved and longest-running metaverse shopping experience.

I've also collaborated with the "Holiday Appreciation Association" to develop interactive experiences such as Havenhollow and Mingle.

Additionally, I worked as a contract QA and 3D Content Creator for the first metaverse concert "Splendour in the Grass" in Sansar.

3D Texture artist

As the lead texture artist for Lexi Games' Fennux, Fawns, and Kreatures, I've designed 300+ iterations of content for this game designed to pair two animals and generate a random outcome based on genetics and traits.

3D Content Artist

Since 2009, my brand's mission at Intrigue Co. has been to bring joy and wonder into the Second Life community’s experience.

From concept to design, I have crafted thousands of interactive items, decor, and wearables that create new cherished new memories in the metaverse.

YouTube Series

As the creator of the "MetaJuice Minute", a weekly YouTube series that shared the latest web3, metaverse, and crypto industry trends, I was responsible for all aspects of production, including content writing, voice narration, and video editing.


As MetaJuice's Web3 copywriter, I was responsible for creating engaging and informative content to educate IMVU's metaverse audience about the latest trends, news, and developments with NFTs and VCOIN and VCORE digital tokens.


Let's collaborate!

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